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Do Docked/Missing Tails Lead to Miscommunication in Dogs?

Are dogs with docked or missing tails vulnerable to miscommunication or misunderstanding by other dogs? Or do they learn to rely on other body language communication? I have a little rescue dog (right) who came to me from Romania with her … Continue reading

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Prettier by Another Name

How much does a dog’s breed matter, particularly when that dog is of mixed breed heritage? When people are seeking a pet dog, breed, or, more likely, what they think they know about various breeds, can heavily influence their choices. … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Keeping Cats Indoors

By Paula Garber, MEd, CATEP, CFTBS Some cat owners believe it’s “natural” for their cat to be outdoors, or that their cat won’t be happy unless given the opportunity to roam. These days, most pet cats aren’t as suited to … Continue reading

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Socialize Your Puppy but Let Him Play, too!

Fifty years ago not too many trainers or owners talked about socialization. Not because puppies did not need it, but because for the most part puppies ‘self-socialized’, they wandered and roamed the neighborhood, accompanied children to school, hung out with other … Continue reading

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Quick Fix or Never Fix

When someone first calls me for help, they usually hope their pet behavior problem will be resolved in a couple of weeks. They have tried everything they can think of for themselves, watched TV trainers and scoured the internet. Now they have … Continue reading

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What’s in the Bag?

What you don’t know could kill your pet. Like all dog owners I want my pets to be healthy and enjoy a long life as members of our family. My first puppy, Samanatha, was the joy of my life and … Continue reading

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To Prompt or to Reinforce

Click – treat, click – treat, click – treat. As trainers, we all know what is going on here; someone is conditioning a clicker. But the lines can get blurred from here. First we click and treat until the animal … Continue reading

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Teaching Your Dog to Eliminate on Cue

Teaching your dog how to eliminate on cue (when asked) can be very helpful. I often think back to my service dog training days when discussing the benefits of a dog knowing how to poop on cue. For example, you may … Continue reading

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Teaching Your Dog to Be Alone

Dogs are naturally social, enjoying the company of other dogs and people. As a result, when you leave them, they may panic that they are alone, or they can simply get bored. Even if you are there all the time, … Continue reading

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The Perfect Dog

I have the perfect dog. He doesn’t bark, “potty” in the house, chew on furniture, or do ANY undesirable dog behaviors. Perhaps you have one too; mine is called Fido, and he’s a big stuffed dog! Real dogs bark, dig … Continue reading

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