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See the Dog in Front of You

Anyone who has had more than one dog in their life has probably fallen into the pitfall of living many years with their “perfect” dog and then suffering a devastating loss. When another dog eventually enters our life we compare, … Continue reading

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Declawing Can Cause Behavioral and Emotional Changes in Cats

By Bridget Lehet CAFTP CFTBS Take a moment and look at the world through a cat’s eyes. He is removed from his safe, warm, and familiar home and taken to the veterinarian’s office where he gets poked with a needle. When … Continue reading

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It’s Official: Dogs Have Feelings

That dogs have feelings, emotions, and thoughts probably seems obvious to PPG members and readers of my Thinking Dog Blog and to most people who share their lives with pets. But, as I tell my students at Bergin U, sometimes … Continue reading

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Join Me at the Pet Professional Guild Force-Free Summit!

Presenting: TrickMeister Reinforcement Strategies for Success! I can’t believe how quickly the second Pet Professional Guild’s Force-Free Summit is approaching!  It doesn’t seem like two minutes since we were in Tampa attending the first Summit in November, 2015!  November, 2016 … Continue reading

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The Challenges of Teenage Dogs

Dog owners are not always prepared for the challenges of a teen-aged dog: This can include their emotional response and sometimes over the top reaction to certain stimuli, ‘forgotten’ training, increased exercise requirements, need for more mental stimulation, ongoing socialization … Continue reading

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You’re Too Close! Dogs and Body Pressure

So you are standing at a party, or in your office, or on your front lawn. Someone you know only vaguely walks up to you. He walks up very close, face to face, close enough that you can see up his … Continue reading

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No Trainer Is an Island

When I opened my new dog training and behavior consulting business four months ago, I reached out to local veterinarians, groomers and boarding facilities. I also took a little time to research other trainers in my area to see who … Continue reading

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Advocacy is Where You Look for It

In April 2016 I attended the 11th annual Applied Animal Behavior Conference hosted by the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Each year veterinary professionals and students gather to learn about animal behavior, a subject not typically included in … Continue reading

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Things You Don’t Know

There are many myths and misconceptions about dog training, some of which are broadcast on TV or written in popular books. Do you know the truth? You don’t need to worry about being alpha. Dogs don’t need to be rolled … Continue reading

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Teaching Your Dog Eye Contact

How many times have you thought to yourself, “I sure wish my dog would focus on me and not x.” Well, this is something you can certainly start to tackle by teaching your dog a reliable “Watch” behavior. Imagine, how … Continue reading

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