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Susan Nilson BA (Hons) DipCABT (UK) PCBC-A is a journalist and animal behavior consultant based in Los Angeles, CA. She is editor of PPG's bi-monthly trade publication, BARKS from the Guild and membership communication chair for PPG.

#PPGSummit 2015: The Future Is Now

At times, with all the cruelty and destruction in the world, it can seem disheartening for pet professionals who are trying to make a stand for animals, to be their voice and ensure they get the best care possible and … Continue reading

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The Best Laid Plans: Adding a New Dog to the Fold

How to introduce a new dog or cat to a home with resident pets has been well-documented by many an expert. Personally, I have done it successfully so many times over the years I rarely bat an eyelid when another … Continue reading

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What Does “Aggressive” Look Like Anyway?

I was recently looking for photos of dogs displaying “aggressive behavior” for an article in BARKS from the Guild, the quarterly publication produced by the Pet Professional Guild. There were plenty of them in the image library. Pictures of dogs … Continue reading

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Resource Guarding: Knowing the Signs

Daisy was a serial resource guarder. Whether this was genetics, early learning, her experiences living rough or (most likely) a combination of all three, I found out about it the hard way when I walked past her one day and she … Continue reading

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Understanding Canine Body Language Essential to Preventing Dog Bites

The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) is promoting education and a better understanding of canine body language as paramount in reducing the number of dog bites this National Dog Bite Prevention Week, taking place 18 – 24 May, 2014. According to … Continue reading

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