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Tiffany Lovell is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and owner of Cold Nose College,Space Coast,FL. She has a degree in Animal Assisted Interactions and is a certified separation anxiety trainer (CSAT). She offers in-home, private training and behavior consulting in Brevard county, FL and assists dogs with separation anxiety anywhere in the world by working remotely. A former veterinary nurse, Tiffany holds a certificate in low-stress handling techniques from Dr. Sophia Yin. She shares her home with four amazing dogs, several sweet cats and her animal-loving husband.

Setting Judgment Aside

Professional dog trainers and behavior consultants who use force-free methods are some of the most compassionate people I know. We couldn’t do this work if we didn’t care deeply and want the absolute best outcome in every situation. So it … Continue reading

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Does Your Dog Think You’re Management Material?

When you hear the word management, I bet you aren’t thinking about your dog. But I and many of my training colleagues work hard every day to change that. Most people think of management as planning, organizing, leading and directing. … Continue reading

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No Trainer Is an Island

When I opened my new dog training and behavior consulting business four months ago, I reached out to local veterinarians, groomers and boarding facilities. I also took a little time to research other trainers in my area to see who … Continue reading

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