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Keeping Your Social Butterfly Social

When my wife I adopted Buddha he was a two-year old Labrador with no training and serious case of separation anxiety, thanks to a puppyhood that was disrupted by misfortune beyond his control. His foster family had just begun working … Continue reading

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The Arrogance of Punishment

As a professional force-free dog trainer I often hear dog owners use the term “punishment” and understand it from their perspective as a word in common use. Webster’s dictionary: 1 the act of punishing; 2 a. a suffering of pain … Continue reading

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Use of Reiki in Pets

Reiki is a Japanese technique, based on the teaching of Mikao Usui in 1922, for stress reduction and relaxation that is also stated to promote healing 1. Practitioners believe that the human body is made up of energy and Reiki … Continue reading

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Watch Your Language

By Bob McMillan It was an electric moment. After having Oona for seven weeks, something clicked. Our Irish wolfhound puppy realized that the sounds I was making with my mouth meant something to her. She looked me directly and unflinchingly … Continue reading

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I Have a Dog. What Do I Do Now?

Now and then over the years I’ve tried my hand at painting. Portraits — human and canine — baffled me time and time again. No matter how painstakingly I tried to capture  a likeness, the finally product warped. A nose was … Continue reading

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Which Puppy Would You Pick?

By Bob McMillan Whether you’re making the selection yourself or your breeder picks a puppy for you, what can you tell looking at an eight-week-old puppy? Other than it’s heartbreakingly cute and you wonder how many you can make it out … Continue reading

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